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Kind Words for Unkind Days Hardback by Jayne Hardy

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Kind Words for Unkind Days

A practical pick-me-up for life's tough days, this book is the perfect guide to help you feel happier, healthier and calmer.

From helping us see what strong really looks like, to what to do when you have no energy for self-care; Jayne Hardy shows us that even on our most difficult days, a little kindness can go a very long way.

With easily digestible advice and soothing messages to help you find brightness on even the darkest days, this is the book we all need. Perfect for yourself or as a gift to a family member or friend, this book is the message we all need to hear: Be kind.

Product Information:

• ISBN: 9781398700505

• Author: Jayne Hardy

• Publisher: Orion

• Format: Hardback

• Pages: 256

• Dimensions: 18.2 x 13.4 x 2.6 cm

Kind Words for Unkind Days Hardback by Jayne Hardy

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